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Our Facility

You can see most of our practice facility from the lobby, making it easy to watch your child's improvement. We have 28,000 square feet of space, and multiple sets of both men's and women's equipment, including two spring-action tumbling floors. Our athletes can learn to master new skills safely with our in-ground, foam dismount pit, whether they're tumbling, swinging, jumping, or vaulting. A dedicated Tumblebear/Preschool area near the lobby keeps younger kids safe and focused. Extensive parking space means consistent, readily-available parking, and a convenient pro-shop stocked with supplies, practice clothes, gifts, and more means you'll find everything you need for your child's class without the extra trips!

Image of Entire Gym Image of Parallel Bars Image of Balance Beams Image of Trampoline Image of our High Bar and Still Rings