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2016-2017 Schedule

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While we do not require our recreational gymnasts to join our competitive team, it is exciting how many eventually choose to do so. Pre-Team offers athletes with the appropriate skill-level but minimal competitive experience the opportunity to learn, practice, and perfect routines, and perform in a judged, competitive atmosphere without the high pressures of head-to-head competition. Pre-Team is a designated program in which athletes perform mandated routines, but receive awards based upon defined performance ranges, as opposed to specific scores and rankings. Every child receives an award, with alterations between awards relating to the performance. In general, different colored ribbons are awarded, including rainbow, white, red, and blue ribbons.

Girls' Competitive Team

When an athlete is ready, she may consider joining our competitive team. Many girls compete in Pre-Team first. Beginning with Level 4, athletes compete pre-determined routines. This compulsory level stresses and rewards technique and skill-mastery. Levels 5 and 6 are also compulsory, and operate similarly. Levels 7 through 10 are optional levels, and although technical performance is still important, the athlete has the ability to work around her strengths in ways that compulsory routines don't always allow. An athlete must compete and perform well at each level before she is able to move to the next.