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What is Competitive Gymnastics?

In competitive gymnastics, gymnasts from across the state of Michigan compete within pre-defined levels and age groups. Gymnasts perform routines involving various sequences of gymnastics skills, and receive scores based upon their performances as compared to pre-determined expectations. Those scores, when compared to other gymnasts in the same level and age group, rank the athlete on each event and for the entire competition. Depending on a gymnast's age and skill-level, strong performances may create the opportunity to compete at state, regional, and even national competitions.

For both boys and girls, competitive gymnastics begins with compulsory levels, and then progresses to optional levels. Compulsory routines have been pre-determined by USA Gymnastics, and must be followed exactly. Optional routines are subject to specific guidelines, as well, but specific skill choice is left to the athlete and his or her coach. In either case, requirements increase in difficulty from level to level.

Our recreational classes are designed to develop the strength, balance, and skill-level necessary for the earliest compulsory routines. For both boys and girls, our competitive teams begin at Level 4, and advance to Level 10. For girls, we have also designated Pre-Team to include Levels 1 - 3.

Our Competitive Teams

We offer competitive gymnastics to boys and girls in every competitive level from 4 - 10, including Pre-Team and Xcel for girls. While one of our goals is certainly to place well at competitions, we focus more directly on individual performance and personal improvement. Through consistent pursuit of high-quality performance within the framework of competitive gymnastics, our intent is that each gymnast on our team will learn the skills, attitudes, and habits that will help to create success beyond the scope of competitive gymnastics.

You may learn more about our boys' and girls' teams by clicking one of the links below. If you are interested in any of our competitive programs, please let us know. Stop in to discuss the opportunities with one of our coaches, give us a call at 269-381-5749, or email us at

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